Emotional Healing & Self-Esteem: Inner-Life Skills of by Mark Pearson

By Mark Pearson

This publication appears to be like at a few questions about childrens and their own improvement when it comes to vanity, poise, and internal peace. It provides more than a few obtainable own improvement routines for kids and teens that introduces the talents of rest, visualisation and meditation.

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Progress in quiet inner focus The question of progress in inner work is often raised. Is there progress with meditation? How could it be recognised? How can you be sure that you are not compounding some mistake? A simple test can be to ask ‘Am I becoming more peaceful? More satisfied? ’ There are signposts that inner focus is progressing in a healthy way. With practice you may come to: • an inner silence that becomes more accessible and deeper or an increase in the ability to watch the chattering without judgment • a deeper connection to the energy in the body and more frequent pleasant sensations of it buzzing, vibrating, tingling or expanding • a stronger feeling of balance and connection to a sense of your centre • more frequent moments of feeling ‘at home’ and attentive to the present moment • pleasant body sensations that begin to attract wandering awareness back home • much less inner reaction to others, more freedom 24 • more vital senses—the trees seem greener, the air crisper, the sounds clearer and more musical—although there may also be more sensitivity to abrasive sounds A practical guide for presenters • moments of ‘waking up’ in daily life, of becoming more self-aware while being engaged in daily life.

4 You know what happens when ice is in the sun. What happens as you—the iceberg—melt away? What does it feel like to join up with the ocean? Imagine yourself melting now. Imagine that the water in you, that was frozen, is now warm and blends in with the whole ocean. (Pause) 5 Have you melted away completely? Anything left? 6 Check if your arms are melted. Your legs? Belly? 7 Stay like that for a while. (Pause) 8 Now slowly move a little and slowly let your eyes open and come back into this room.

This is an advanced group exercise for those who have already explored centring. It must be conducted outdoors in a beautiful place, with a real mountain or hill and, ideally, a wide view. Note that: • Written parental consent will be necessary. • Presenters must explore the area beforehand. • Participants will need walking shoes, a thick towel to use as a cushion, warm clothes, journal, biro, snacks for after the quest. An overview of the exercise, with clear safety rules, should be given before setting out.

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