The Major Histocompatibility System in Man and Animals by Dietrich Götze (auth.), Prof. Dr. Dietrich Götze (eds.)

By Dietrich Götze (auth.), Prof. Dr. Dietrich Götze (eds.)

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1973; Jacot-Guillarmod et al. 1975). In order to analyze whether another antigen is associated with the first antigen, the cells which had capped the first antibody are reincubated with (rhodaminelabeled) antibodies against a second set of antigens under conditions which prevent cap formation. If both labels are found in the same polar cap, it is likely that the first antibody cocapped both antigens. In contrast, if E. Albert and D. Götze 32 both antigens are not associated, the second antibody will be found evenly diffused over the cell surface.

1974; Oh et al. 1975), and urine (Reisfeld et al. 1976, 1977; Bernier et al. 1976). The development of continuous lymphoid celliines derived from normal donors (Moore et al. 1967; Levy et al. 1968; Papermaster et al. 1969, 1972; Choi and Bloom 1970), however, has contributed significantly to the progress made within the last few years because such cell lines provide large quantities of genetically uniform cellular material (Reisfeld et al. 1970, 1971 b; Strominger et al. 1974; Cresswell et al. 1973; Miyakawa et al.

0, since they are not bound (about 40 percent of contaminating glycoproteins are removed by this procedure, however). The antigenically active elution fractions are then concentrated (to about 10 to 20 mg protein/ml) and subjected to preparative polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (system" B " of Rodbard and Chrambach 1971). 2) containing 5 percent sucrose. 80 exhibit specific antigenic activity (Ferrone et al. 1975). This purification results in molecules of a homogeneous molecular size (Reisfeld et al.

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